Parrish Manufacturing Group is available for your contract manufacturing needs. From start to finish, we can aid in design, prototype, and production.

Investment Cast Foundry

Parrish Manufacturing Group has two investment foundries available to meet all of your casting needs. Oklahoma Investment Casting Company (OICC), located in Blackwell, Oklahoma, has been a part of the Parrish Manufacturing Group since 1984. Mississippi Precision Cast Parts (MPCP), located in Columbus, Mississippi has been affiliated with Parrish since 1995.

OICC and MPCP provide investment cast parts for a broad range of industrial applications including hydraulic components, fluid coupling, food machinery, pump and valve, oil field tools and construction equipment. Through our investment casting process we can provide a great number of benefits to our customers including tight tolerances, smooth surface finishes, complex geometries, a wide choice of alloys and low tooling cost. Often we can reduce or even eliminate machining and assembly operations.

We offer a wide variety of alloys including carbon and low alloy steels, stainless steel, tool steels, bronzes, cobalt alloys and nickel alloys. Engineering and design assistance is available as well as in-house spectrographic analysis and coordinate measuring machine services. Our process can produce castings from a fraction of an ounce up to 80 pounds. Our customers have realized significant savings of time, materials and resources utilizing our investment casting process.