Parrish Manufacturing Group is available for your contract manufacturing needs. From start to finish, we can aid in design, prototype, and production.

Value Added Services

Engineering: Our highly experienced staff engineers can utilize our 2D and 3D modeling, rapid prototyping and full product development capabilities to assist you with the most complex of issues.

Pattern Design and Manufacturing: The pattern shop inside our Central Machine & Tool division has the experience and skills to help solve all of your pattern needs.

Heat Treatment: We have a wide range of heat treatment applications to meet your needs.

Solution treatment for aluminum

Atmosphere hardening and normalizing

Carburizing, carbon nitriding and full nitriding

Full annealing and sub-critical treatment

Welding and Fabrication

Inspection: By utilizing our coordinate measuring machine, X-ray gun, magnaflux and various other quality control equipment our quality control / inspection staff has not only the experience, but the resources to ensure we meet or exceed customer expectations.



From initial design to part finishing and every application in between we have the ability to be your single source for all of your casting and machining needs.